Silencing Your Inner Critic online course

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In Silencing Your Inner Critic, you get 20+ pages of content with accompanying motivational MP3s all sent to your inbox over a two week period.

This course is full of the kinds of questions I’d ask you on a coaching call, but instead of answering them out loud to me, you’re writing down your answers for yourself. 

Once you write something down, it’s hard to ignore it.

The motivational MP3s reinforce the concepts in the workbook and help me give a bit of personal flare and emphasis to the parts I want you to pay particular attention to. These MP3s are great to listen to on your way to work, your morning walk, or while you’re doing the dishes – whenever you need a quick inspirational boost.

What happens when you register for Silencing Your Inner Critic:

  1. You purchase the course here through my store.
  2. I send you a welcome email with some preliminary resources to get your brain juices flowing.
  3. Over the next two weeks, you get inspiration and motivation sent directly to your inbox. You can work on the course material at your convenience and my team and I are here to answer any questions you may have.

Ready to silence that pesky inner critic of yours?

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