Private Retreat

Private Retreat

  • $ 2,222.00

A completely personalized experience, my private retreats give you full, intimate access to my mind, heart, and soul.

You can come by yourself or bring your closest friends with you. We can meet at my retreat space in Portland, Oregon or in a setting of your choice. With private retreats, it's all about giving you the decadence, luxury, and fun you deserve.

My private retreats can help you and/or your group of friends:

  • Reclaim spaces that are hard for you. Hate going shopping? Loathe the beach? Dread the gym? Let's go there together and talk through your fears. Together, we can reclaim that space as one where you feel welcome and worthy – or help you rid your life of it all together if it is not serving you.
  • Overhaul your influences, filling your life with positive ones. Feel completely overwhelmed with the negativity in your life? No idea how to love yourself when the world around you is pointing out your faults and flaws? Together we'll analyze the influences in your life and come up with easy, actionable ways for you to surround yourself with positive influences and phase out the negative ones.
  • Create a community of support around you. Revolutions are much more fun with comrades-in-arms to celebrate your victories and pick you up when you fall. But how do you create that sense of community when everyone around you is in a different place with their bodies? Let's gather some your closest friends and family members and get each other on the same path towards radical self-love. Together we'll come up with group agreed upon language to use around each other when talking about bodies, ways you can check-in with each other about your bodies, and easy to implement support systems for when you need reminders that you are loved and accepted. 

It's time to feel comfortable and confident in your body. It's time for Bawdy Love.

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